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Filmlab Palestine supports production by cultivating a strong network of filmmakers, and providing competitive opportunities for seed-funding and coaching for filmmakers to produce film art. 

Reflections from Palestine during COVID-19

Reflections From Palestine is a collection of voices from Palestinian filmmakers on exceptional experiences and a testimony of a particular time that simultaneously speaks to a feeling understood worldwide. The films display personal film languages and reach out to collective stories expressing Palestine's diversity and a broad span of emotions: from boredom to enjoyment, anger, fear, confusion, and complexities of quarantine days.

What started as an intimate journey of observation and reflection is not only a metaphor and snapshot of a time shaped by COVID- 19 but turned out to be an artistic visual representation and interpretation of a further escalation of the political situation in Palestine.

Directors: Annemarie Jacir, Majdi El-Omari, Maha Haj, Mohamed Harb, Dima Abu Ghoush, Muayad Alayan, Laila Abbas, Najwa Najjar, Ihab Jadallah, Sameer Qumsiyeh, Yousef Nateel, Mohamed Jabaly, Rozeen Bisharat and Juna Suleiman 

The Chair 

2017 | Dir. Laila Abbas