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With its slogan “Emancipatory Film Culture in, from, and for Palestine”, Filmlab Palestine, the non-profit organization, strives, since its foundation in 2014, to promote, revive and expand one of the most effective audiovisual tools for self-expression, storytelling and the preservation of collective memory: Cinema.


Filmlab Palestine draws inspiration from the personal experiences of its founders who empowered Palestinian youth in Jordanian refugee camps through film literacy and talent programs.

Who we are

Filmlab Palestine is home to emancipatory film culture in, from, and for Palestine. Since its foundation in 2014, the non-profit, non-governmental organization has been working on boosting film production and viewership in Palestine as well as inspiring a wider cinema audience and empowering a new generation of Palestinian filmmakers.

What we do

Our mission is to enhance film production and viewership in Palestine, aiming to inspire a broader cinema audience and empower the next generations of Palestinian filmmakers and viewers. Through our dedication to fostering creativity and providing essential support, we aspire to contribute significantly to the growth and vibrancy of the Palestinian film industry.

How We Work

Our philosophy centres on a cohesive approach, where separate yet interconnected programs collaborate seamlessly to foster, nurture, and champion the Palestinian cinema industry to become self-sustaining. 

Filmlab Palestine implements its activities through five key programs: 
The Hub, Innovation Lab, Production, Cinema Culture, and Palestine Cinema Days. 

The Hub facilitates a professional and well-equipped space for filmmakers and creative professionals to bring their innovative ideas to life.

The Innovation Lab empowers aspiring filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts to unlock their creative potential, fostering a culture of continuous learning, growth, and talent development.

The Production Program supports cinema production financially and resourcefully through prestigious awards and valuable in-kind support. 

The Cinema Culture Program activates interest in cinema and creates critical viewership within children, youth, and adults.

The Palestine Cinema Days International Film Festival connects regional and international productions and professionals with the Palestinian industry, putting Palestine on the global cinema industry map.