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Script Writing for Short Fiction Films Workshop

Script Writing for Short Fiction Films Workshop

Instructor: Palestinian Script Writer & Director Suha Arraf

The workshop aimed for introducing the basics of script writing, choosing and developing ideas, in addition to learning how to build and develop the film characters, employing the time and place, and turn all this into a dialogue. One project/ scenario was selected after a pitching session to be produced.

Previous Participants

  •  Rasha Sansou



"The script writing teacher taught me great things about myself; most important of all was to be honest about my emotions. If you don't go through the process of understanding your emotions, you will never be able to communicate any other person's feelings, therefore it is imperative to give in to your emotions to write a good story. I am using the skills I learnt from the FilmLab workshop at my new job especially in the publications I do, and it has proven to be very helpful, as I get positive feedback from the people who read them." Rasha Sansour,  participant.