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Director of Photography D.O.P Workshop

Director of Photography D.O.P Workshop

Instructor: Director of Photography Germano Saracco

The workshop targeted cinematographers who had a good experience, and who wanted to sharpen their skills and deepen their experiences. It included both theoretical and practical knowledge. The workshop was organized in cooperation with A.M Qattan Foundation.

Previous Participants

  • Bilal Khatib
  • Shayma' Awawdeh
  • Yousef Hammad
  • Michael Zananiri
  • Ashraf Abu Shawish 
  • Abdullah Maatan 
  • Rami Jahajha
  • Saleh Al Tamimi
  • Byan Al Jubeh
  • Ali Aldeik
  • Yusor Hamed
  • Nardeen Dhaher
  • Hossam Abu Diab
  • Suleiman Muallem 
  • Riham Zreiqi 
  • Mutaz Ayyad
  • Ghassan Kashash
  • Adel Abdulkader
  • Feisal Barghouthi
  • Amjad Arafah 
  • Khaled Taha
  • Munjid Kharoufeh



"I am glad to report of the Great Level of Enthusiasm shown by 16 participant students. Proof of it not only of their questioning minds during class but also their high level of attendance and punctuality until the last day of the seminar. Enthusiasm that in my humble opinion, should it be continue to be nourished, it would harvest up great benefits and results." Germano Saracco, cinematographer.