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Children’s content scriptwriting Workshop

Children’s content scriptwriting Workshop
  • Ferial Khalifa
    Ferial Khalifa
  • Maya Abu Alhayyat
    Maya Abu Alhayyat

The “Next Generation” Program, funded by Postkod Stiftelsen Sweden, Danish House, NAAS – Network of Arab Alternative Screens, and the Ministry of Culture -Palestine, aims to promote, boost, develop and enhance cinema culture amongst children and youth. This is done on one hand, through Film Screenings followed by discussion sessions and on the other hand by implementing filmmaking workshops. The workshop will provide a new and unique experience for children and youth to develp their skills and imagination in a creative and peaceful manner to express themselves and tell their personal stories.

In line with the objectives of the program, Filmlab: Palestine invites the Danish screenwriter and children’s films scriptwriting expert Jenny Lund Madsen; to give a workshop for scriptwriting for children’s content (ages 6 to 15), that can be produced into short films of no more than 15 minutes. 

Filmlab: Palestine encourages Palestinian Filmmakers to apply for participating in "Children’s Content Scriptwriting" Workshop.

The workshop will be held for 5 days in Ramallah from Saturday 22/6 until Tuesday 26/6.

The scripts will be selected by a specialized committee in order to be produced by Filmlab: Palestine. Filmlab will cover the cost of production of the film within a specified budget. The short film produced will get the chance to be screened in October at the Palestine Cinema Days Festival, organized annually by Filmlab: Palestine.

Target group: Palestinian filmmakers.

Participation requirements:

  1.  Proposal or summary of the concept  or work*
  2.  Determine the target age group
  3.  The preliminary estimated budget of production*
  4.  Samples of previous work
  5.  Biography or CV*

* Required in English only.


Previous Participants

  • Ferial Khalifa
  • Maya Abu-ALhayyat