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Berlin Film Residency

Berlin Film Residency
  • Suha Suliman
    Suha Suliman
  • Laila Abbas
    Laila Abbas
  • Rama Mari
    Rama Mari
  • Wisam Al-Jafari
    Wisam Al-Jafari

Filmlab: Palestine in partnership with Medienboard Berlin invites Palestinian film professionals to apply for the Berlin Film Residency.
This residency enables one Palestinian film professional to reside in Berlin for 3 months so they can develop their project and skills and meet producers and professionals, in accordance with their profile. 
The residency is organized with the cooperation and logistical assistance of NIPKOW

This residency includes:

  • Travel costs (economy)
  • Accommodation
  • Allowance (1,200 EUR/month)

Residency period: 3 months from September to November

Eligible candidates should meet the following conditions:

  • Palestinian Filmmakers (mainly aimed at directors and scriptwriters)
  • Live in Palestine or Arab World.
  • Have been completed at least one film in any genre or format.
  • Must be in development of your first or second narrative or documentary feature film
  • Must have a 5-page treatment of the proposed project
  • Must agree to mention the program in the credit of the completed film

How to apply:
To apply, please Complete the online application form available on the website

Previous Participants

  • Rama Mari - 2017
  • Laila Abbas - 2018
  • Juna Suliman - 2021
  • Wisam Al Jafari – 2022


"I am really looking forward for this residency provided by Filmlab. On a personal level I think having three months dedicated for writing is very valuable. The way our industry is designed it never allows you to give your project its full capacity, you always find yourself multitasking and juggling jobs to survive. Its also great for the project to get exposed at this stage in a safe environment that respects the writing process. It couldn't have come at a better time, and I hope to make the best out of it." Rama Mari, Palestinian filmmaker