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Torino Film Festival

Torino Film Festival
  • Said Zagha
    Said Zagha

Filmlab: Palestine in cooperation with TorinoFilmlab, announce the call for applications for Palestinian producers to participate in the TorinoFilmlab Meeting Event in November 2017. The selected producer will have the chance to attend the pitches of all the projects that have participated in TorinoFilmlab during the year, with the possibility of being a decision-maker. Moreover, the producer will be able to book individual meetings with any producer he/she is interested in networking with. The producer will receive the projects' catalogue before the event in order to book one-to-one meetings in advance.

Eligible for participation are professional Palestinian film producers. 

Description of the opportunity: 

This year’s edition of the TFL Meeting Event marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of TorinoFilmlab.

The TFL Meeting Event takes place every year in parallel with the Torino Film Festival, and it will happen on 24-25 November 2017. This event is the annual showcase of the projects, talents and films developed at TorinoFilmlab, featuring aglobal co-production forum for independent feature films (with a focus on emerging directors), a presentation of the professionals trained within the scheme, and a work-in-progress initiative. Last but not least, it is the moment to reward the best projects with awards & production grants.

In 2017 the TFL Meeting Event will be enriched by the launch of a new initiative: TFL Up & Coming. The aim of this action is to support emerging, non-European producers attending the TFL Meeting Event by offering them a special “welcome package” and enhanced visibility. This selection of enterprising international producers will receive a dedicated guidance to the co- production forum and will be facilitated to navigate the fast-paced working context of the event. Furthermore they will benefit from a special, tailor-made plan of activities on November 23rd, aimed at connecting them with potential partners, widening their industry network and, at the same time, empowering their knowledge and experience of European co-productions, markets and funding.

TorinoFilmlab will create for them a specific programme of master classes and case studies, on the following subjects:

  • How to co-produce with Europe
  • European co-production markets and forums
  • European funding and tax incentives
  • World sales
    All the above-mentioned topics will be presented and examined in depth by highly qualified European professionals that regularly collaborate in TFL’s training programmes.
    After these first dedicated training sessions, the TFL Up & Coming producers will join the other guests in the TFL Meeting Event programme, which includes: public pitches of TFL-developed projects, 1:1 meetings and networking moments.
    To ensure the TFL Up & Coming producers maximum visibility, their profiles will be incorporated in the TFL Catalogue 2017, each with a dedicated page. This will grant great added value in terms of exposure, which will help them to strengthen their connections with the industry. 


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